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  • The Brisbane is quick and easy to assemble with a hardtop work surface and a lightweight aluminium frame. The removable hard edge shelves give added strength and compact packing. The windshield makes it ideal for cooking your evening meals and adjustable feet for uneven grounds for use anywhere. It is the ideal storage and cooking unit for family camping.

  • This lightweight clothes dryer is fantastic for drying washing or hanging wetsuits up on a warm summers day. It can be easily pegged securely to the ground and the arms rotate in the wind to quickly dry your camping clothes. Pegs included.

  • The lightweight Como kitchen is quick and easy to assemble with removable shelves for added strength. The multi-storage kitchen unit is ideal for food preparation with 3 table tops, a storage cupboard and a windshield that is ideal for stoves. This como kitchen offers practical storage solution for campers looking to cook in comfort and to reduce clutter...

  • This furniture set is an excellent camping dining set for family meals. The table and four stools are made of lightweight aluminium and it also packs down to a handy portable size.

  • The perfect solution for all you messy campers a super compact and lightweight storage unit that will ensure you know exactly where everything is when camping.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items